Sunday, 22 January 2012

Make your website more popular…

Websites are considered soul of an organization. It’s the dream of each entrepreneur to design a website, which not only look good, but also gain more traffic. The major part depends on the web designing. If you design a site that looks eye catchy and more attractive to gain someone’s attention that will definitely generate traffic for you. So designing a good website design is not a piece of cake.  Lets discuss some points that will help you to generate traffic.

Strong Hosting: After designing a website host your website in a proper manner. You could find thousands of option for hosting a website, but blog hosting is one of the methods which is recommend by most of the professionals. This form of webhosting allows you to create a professional-looking Website design in no time.

Optimize Your Website: If you want your website to appear on the top pages of google, then optimization of your site is very necessary. For that you should follow the guideline of the term named SEO. SEO is just like a process that we need to follow for organic search engine rankings.  SEO is the game of taking the back links from various web sites. In it we try to take the back link form the various free directories. This process is split in two parts named on page optimization and off page optimization. In the on page optimization we will have to target various keywords in order to improve the keyword density for each keyword. In the off page optimization we will submit our site on the various type of free directories. While submit a web site keep one thing in mind that the particular directories must be of  “DO follow” and if the directory is having  some page rank, then it will be beneficial for you. If you are dealing in website optimization services keep the above written things in your mind.

Take Advantage of Social Media Marketing: Submitting a web site in the social networking website is a good practice which is called SMM(Social Media Marketing). Social media marketing includes Face-book, LinkedIn, and ning etc. All these sites are very mush popular and generate traffic in bulk. We must follow this practice to popularize a web site in the market.

Yahoo Answers & Forum Posting: Yahoo answers and forums are the best way to generate traffic. Create account on these sites and participate in that after a regular time period. Yahoo answers are the general terms, where you need to answer for the question. If you gave them good answers then it will provide you the beneficial results and extra points. Form s are the social discussion. Both are good practices.

Emphasize Usability in Your Design:  Usability of website means is a necessary condition for survival I the market. If the home page is fails to clarify, in which thing company is dealing, then visitors lost their interest in the site. Apart from the above if the information available on a website is hard to read or doesn't answer users' key questions, then all the hard work go in the waste.

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