Tuesday, 29 November 2011

All About Panda Update

The first step in the SEO is to select the traffic generating keywords. On the basis of these keyword we play the whole game of SEO. Keywords are the most effective parameter of SEO. Search Engines consider that Home Page of a website has greatest authority as compare to all other pages on the website. So the keyword density on the home page should be proper. In the last decade Google has made a major update in it’s algorithm named Panda Update. The page rank of most of the sites fluctuates with this update. In it Google has laid down the stress on the content of page Lets consider the basic point on this update.

1)  If you think that your web site is affected with the Panda Update. Check the content on your web site. If any web page of your web site is having low quality content then replace it with fresh content

2)  If your site is having duplicate content, your site is never come in Google rankings after panda update

3)  You can make use of REL tag to avoid from duplicate content. You can use 'rel=canonical' tags for it

4)  If you are dealing with the affiliate marketing web site then be cautious if your web site is loaded with adds only then you may lose ranking for your website on Google.

5) Keep updating you we page on regular intervals with fresh and quality content.

Google Panda is an update in the Google's search engine algorithm.  This algorithm affects 12% of search results. In the year 2011 Google has made the changes in it’s algorithm 7 times.

• 24 Feb 2011
• 11 April 2011
• 10 May 2011
• 16 June 2011
• 23 July 2011
• 12 August
• 28 Sept 11

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Friday, 25 November 2011

5 Major Benefits Of SEO

If we Observe the online market, Then we can notice a visible change in the latest trend of marketing.  These days every business, whether large or small wants to highlights itself globally through web. Search engine optimization is the best medium to do online promotion. Most of people are making use of internet for the sake of searching information on various topics. If you are dealing with that respective search, then you should go for Search engine optimization.
1) There is a direct relation between the website ranking and popularity of a website i.e. higher the ranking; greater will be its popularity. SEO is perfect service That you can adopt to achieve the desired result. Always try to use the relevant keyword.  These keyword should be as per your niche. It is considered one of the basic steps to increase the visibility of your website. The designing part of a web site should also be done wisely. Visit San Francisco web design if you want to know more on web design.
2) SEO is the method for achieving the relevant amount of visitors on your website. The ranking of a website is increased if more and more people are searching for the website. A company can earn higher profit rate if it's getting the targeted traffic o the website.
3)  SEO is usually described as one time investment and in order to get the result we will have to wait for a month or two. The reason behind is once the website gains popularity, it will achieve the desired number of traffic on the web page on regular bases. But we will have to update our self with the new techniques’ of SEO. As the competition in the market is growing, if our competitor adopts the new technique of promotion, then may gain the profits. So be careful.
4) Have you ever checked the surveys reports of SEO..?? These reports shows that people in the online market attract more towards the SEO generated advertisements instead of the paid advertisements.

5) SEO is the best service to promote your products and services globally.
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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Unsurpassed SEO From San Francisco’s Searchready

There are so many IT companies based in San Francisco that it can often require something really special from one of them to make them stand out. And in the field of SEO in San Francisco, there is one company which outperforms all of the others in the sector. This company is Searchready, which is to be found at the top of the search engine rankings for the majority of search terms that are related to SEO and web design in San Francisco area, which is an achievement that is certainly not to be sneered at.

It is natural that the performance in search terms such as San Francisco SEO is one of the main yardsticks that are used to measure the company; but really, this is only a portion of what the company provides, and how it delivers the complete website package for those looking to create a new website. Providing high quality service at a competitive price is something that every IT company in San Francisco have to do in order to be successful in the city, and to have this from a company that is really at the head of the field, then it is an overall service that is difficult to exceed.

Although the search engine optimization aspect of the service is an important part of what Searchready will do for websites, it is the combination of this with the web design San Francisco that makes it such an attractive service overall. The designers of the company are equally as talented as the SEO specialists, and can deliver an attractive and efficient website that will perform very well and be more likely to keep people interested and have them browsing the entire site, not just the homepage when they arrive.

On the whole, the San Francisco web design scene is one that is especially competitive, and finding a good company that will be able to deliver attractive sites isn’t too difficult. The thing that will set us apart from the rest of the competition is that it isn’t just the design service that we provide, nor is it just an optimization of your website for SEO, but it is simply taking care of every aspect you could need, and making it work in the way you want it to.  By working in this way, we can deliver as much or as little as you want, when you want it.