Tuesday, 29 November 2011

All About Panda Update

The first step in the SEO is to select the traffic generating keywords. On the basis of these keyword we play the whole game of SEO. Keywords are the most effective parameter of SEO. Search Engines consider that Home Page of a website has greatest authority as compare to all other pages on the website. So the keyword density on the home page should be proper. In the last decade Google has made a major update in it’s algorithm named Panda Update. The page rank of most of the sites fluctuates with this update. In it Google has laid down the stress on the content of page Lets consider the basic point on this update.

1)  If you think that your web site is affected with the Panda Update. Check the content on your web site. If any web page of your web site is having low quality content then replace it with fresh content

2)  If your site is having duplicate content, your site is never come in Google rankings after panda update

3)  You can make use of REL tag to avoid from duplicate content. You can use 'rel=canonical' tags for it

4)  If you are dealing with the affiliate marketing web site then be cautious if your web site is loaded with adds only then you may lose ranking for your website on Google.

5) Keep updating you we page on regular intervals with fresh and quality content.

Google Panda is an update in the Google's search engine algorithm.  This algorithm affects 12% of search results. In the year 2011 Google has made the changes in it’s algorithm 7 times.

• 24 Feb 2011
• 11 April 2011
• 10 May 2011
• 16 June 2011
• 23 July 2011
• 12 August
• 28 Sept 11

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